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patients who may be unable to ambulate

Services are provided in home to patients who may be unable to ambulate and also to individuals on vacation who may need a little extra attention. Individuals who use these services can also be in advanced pregnancy, stroke and geriatric patients. Sessions include soft tissue work, gentle low force spinal adjustments and focused, specialized rehabilitation exercises to add strength and flexibility.


Busy executives

Get the edge in their physical and mental health and agility may benefit from a lunch time session with the doctor.

These Signature Individual and or Corporate Sessions involve stress management, neuromuscular re-education and kinesiology all to help balance and relax the mind and body.

Mental and physical balance promote clearer thinking and efficiency in todays fast paced business environment.


Elite Athletes

Improve peak performance with Signature Programs that promote neuromuscular integration and balance. Sessions include specific muscular analysis and injury prevention guide.

Check out the FAQ section to see a list of professional athletes who use chiropractic services.

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