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New Life Wellness

New Life Wellness was born out of Dr. Stone's passion to massively impact communities with lifestyle changes that are congruent and consistent with reducing obesity, diabetes and other life altering yet preventable epidemics, work-related injuries and soaring insurance costs.

New Life Wellness is a member of the Maximized Living Foundation and Health Awareness Inc., both non-profit organizations dedicated to helping individuals reach their maximum potential in life, health , work and relationships.

Dr. Stone volunteers her time in schools, corporations, churches, civic and social groups doing workshops on several topics. All workshops are conducted at NO COST. She is especially concerned and dedicated to our children and has been trained in an innovative educational program called Learning Curves.

Learning Curves is a professionally developed and accredited program for third, fourth and fifth graders, teaching them about maintaining proper posture and a healthy spine. With this program, New Life Wellness seeks to prevent disease and illness by establishing proper spinal care before bad habits are learned.

Join AT&T, City of St. Louis, Culligan, FPL, International Longshoremen's Association of Fort Lauderdale, Kinko's Plantation, Florida Memorial University, Florida International University, several Broward County and Dade County public schools and many others who have benefitted from the programs of New Life Wellness in their quest for better health. The workshops are short, informative, interactive and fun!

Below is a partial list of workshops available:

  • The 4 Keys to Health
  • Health From Within
  • Energizing Nutrition
  • Peace Management
  • Balance for Peak Performance
  • Ergonomics for Today
  • Backpack Safety and Body Awareness
  • Women's Health
  • Kids Health
  • Nutrition for your Health
  • Fighting Cancer with Your Teeth!

schedule a consultation or a workshop

To schedule a consultation or a workshop, please contact us today at doc@drstone.com or call us at (954) 304-2745.

Community Chiropractic Clinic

Our affordable health care plan for all at Temple Arts on the first Saturday of each month. 

 By appointment only.

Call in advance to schedule at (954) 304-2745.

Wellness Webinars – same topics addressed on wellness page. Minimal fee.. sign up online, register and listen.